The products

My regimen and products 2013:

The snob likes: Keracare hydrating shampoo
The alternative: Creme of nature moisturising shampoo with argan oil

The snob likes: [instant] CURLS Coconut Sublime Conditioner
The alternative:[instant] Alberto Balsam coconut and lychee
The snob likes: [deep] Keracare humecto 5lb tub or Nexxus Humctress
The alternative:[deep] Creme of nature intensive conditioner with argan oil or Organic root stimulator Hair repair

Leave ins:
The snob likes: Keracare natural textures leave in
The alternative: Aloe Vera juice, cheapie conditioner and water mix or cantu shea butter

Grapeseed , sweet almond, Vatica coconut, argan oil, and Jamaican black castor oil mix as a pre poo and jbco for sealing.

Protein treatments:
The snob likes: Aphogee 2 step treatment or Joico k-pak reconstructor
The alternative: ORS mayo with an egg or homemade egg mix

When my hair is out:
I moisten my hair daily with the Aloe Vera juice mix, cleanse every 3 days or so and bun or updo style.

When my hair is in a protective style:
I moisten my cornrows daily with a water spritz and seal with oil and wig for the day.

My primary protective styling choice is wigs which I do on and off throughout the year

I do protein treatments every 6-8 weeks or so and dust my ends around the same schedule.


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