How do I care for my hair?

How do I care for my textured hair?

Your textured hair can grow as long as you like!…That’s right as long as you like.
Textured hair does grow.

You simply need to find what works with your hair.

It’s as simple as 123:

Yep plain old water. Contrary to popular belief water will not make your hair dry. In fact washing your hair more frequently is the first step to better moisture levels. You should also have a good moisturiser to use. How do you know if you have a moisturiser? The first ingredient is always water.

After you moisturise your hair you need to seal in all the moisture. Why? This will keep your hair moisturised for longer. The best sealants are oils. The best oil for your hair is found through trial and error. Some oils are breathable and penetrate into the hair strand (i.e. Sweet Almond Oil) and some oils are thick and act as a barrier on hair strands (castor oil).

Protective style/low manipulation style
After moisturising and sealing its onto styling. Any hairstyles that doesn’t put stress on your scalp and protects your ends are protective styles – I.e buns, updos, braids, cornrows and weave. Low manipulation hair styles are styles like braid and twist outs as the ends and the bulk of your hair is still exposed to the elements, clothing and will need re-moisturisation quicker.

Lets take it one step further a create a simple regimen for healthy hair:

Cleanse: at least once a week with a sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) free shampoo.
Condition: after every shampoo.
Moisturise and seal: daily or as needed.
Style: minimum every 6-8 weeks when in long term protective styles (weaves and braids). When your hair is out maximum every 2-3 days.

And there we have it a simple hair care regimen.