My name is Frenchy and my hair is a snob….

Healthy hair
I am a healthy hair enthusiast and on a hair care journey. This means I am on a personal mission to grow my hair to its healthiest and strongest state. I have been on this journey since 2011 (2 years)

My hair status
My hair is currently texlaxed with touch ups every 6-7months. I am transitioning to fully texlaxed at the present time and dusting every 6 weeks. Hair length is maintained in between SL to APL. My hair texture is 4a and 4b in the back with tight coils all over. My hair texture is dense and very fragile even though it appears resilient to damage.

My hair is a snob
How this blog came about. This is how I describe my hair whenever anyone asks.
My hair is a snob…but I am frugal
My hair loves products of salon quality and price tags out of this world…I’m on the search for cheaper alternatives. It’s a daily struggle.

This is a short intro to my HHJ. I will post a more in depth look into my hair journey shortly.

My name is Frenchy…and my hair is a snob.

Ig: fyne_curls
Email: Frenchyluv5@googlemail.com



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